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Work Experience of Charles Muench
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  • 1955-1960 Title Co-op Student, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia.
      Because of my top Math score, I was admitted to the Georgia Tech's Co-op Program in 1955. As a co-op student, I worked at Tampa Electric Company in Tampa, Florida. I earned all of my expenses for Ga. Tech by working one quarter and going to school one quarter alternating through out the year. I graduated in eleven quarters instead of twelve with better than 3.4 GPA.
  • 1960-1964 Title Electrical Engineer, Control and Communications Department
                          at Tampa Electric Co., Tampa, FL.
      While working at Tampa Electric Company, I attend night school for 4 years and earned a Masters in Electrical Engineering with a 3.7 GPA. At Tampa Electric I was initially in charge of supervising and managing an IBM 1620 computer for the Engineering Department. This required me to teach several hundred engineers how to program in Go Tran, Fortran and IBM 1620 Assembly Language. My second assignment was the design of a new control center for the company. Our design was so successful that the 10-year plan has lasted more than 30 years before the updating of equipment and facilities were required. During this time, I also taught electronic courses at night school 2-3 days a week to enlisted men at Mac Dill Air Force Base in Tampa. During these 4 years I also attended schools at GE on Digital Computer programming, as well as Analog Computer programming, and at IBM on several programming languages for the IBM 1620 and the IBM 360 Computers. In 1963 I passed the Registered Professional Electrical Engineering exam for the state of Florida to become a Registered Professional Engineer for the state. I then did several consulting jobs with Architects on the design of the electrical for their buildings.
  • 1964-1967 Title Instructor, School of Electrical Engineering at Ga. Tech, Atlanta, GA.
      I was accepted as a PHD candidate at the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Electrical Engineering with a 1/3 time teaching position initially. I completed all of the course work with a 3.8 GPA and passed the PHD qualification written examination in Electrical Engineering. The work on my Thesis was completed and approved by my advisor and the School of Electrical Engineering. but, because of manual retyping being required, I never got the Thesis in final form for the English Department approval. (If only I had PC in 1967.) While I was working on my PHD, I taught courses in Electrical Engineering to junior and senior Electrical Engineering students. During the last school year I was a full time instructor in the School of Electrical Engineering.
  • 1967-1968 Title Research Engineer at Lockheed Georgia, Marietta, GA.
      I was offered a job at Lockheed Georgia Research and Development Center in May 1967 and left Georgia Tech, for this new job, hoping to finish the retyping of my thesis and getting the English Department approval while I was employed there. My job at the Research Center was to study the stability of flight control systems. We made several trips to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio working on military contracts. After about a year I left to start my own company.
  • 1968-1972 Title President and CEO of Integrated Systems Inc., Norcross, GA.
      I started Integrated Systems Inc. to make solid-state remote control equipment for Power Companies. We were the first company to employ Integrated Circuits in this field and were very successful at it. Later we became one of the first to employed Digital Mini-Computers at the Master Control Station so we could control several hundred of our remote sites. I was not only President and CEO, but I did most of the programming of the Mini-Computers in assembly language because of the high cost of memory at that time. I regularly gave sales talks and held seminars throughout the southern US during these years. During the early 70's almost all input and output from these machines was via Teletype. In 1971 I sold the company to a NYSE company for about one million dollars in their stock.
  • 1972-1985 Title Chairman President and CEO of Intelligent Systems Corp., Norcross, GA.
      The second company that I started was called Intelligent Systems Corp. Again I took the change in technology from Mini-Computers to the Intel 8008 microprocessor as an opportunity to develop a Color Computer Graphics Terminal to compete with B&W Terminal which we were using at my last company. It took us one year to develop the product and begin shipping a few units. By this time, Intel had produced the 8080 CPU and we immediately converted to this new CPU. During these early days at Intelligent Systems I did all of the original programming of the 8008 and 8080 CPU for our Color Graphics Terminals in machine language using a Teletype. I developed a color graphic language for these terminals based off of the Teletype codes and most of the Industrial Companies that used our products still have these units in service today. After MITS built the Altair 8080 kit and had a Basic Language program for it, I reversed engineered the BASIC code and reprogrammed it so that it could run in ROM instead of RAM. Microsoft had said that it couldn't be done at that time. We then began to sell complete Color Graphics Desktop Computers built from our terminals. They were so successful that we purchased the BASIC source code from Microsoft so that we would be legal. This was a long time before Apple had a complete system that didn't require a TV set to operate. By 1978 we were selling more than 6,000 Color Desktop Computers per year. In 1979 we decided to just concentrate on the industrial market, which was more profitable than the consumer market. In late 1980 we took Intelligent Systems Corp. public at $ 16 per share. After becoming a public company I constantly met with investors and held investment seminars during the next 5 years throughout the US and several times in Europe. In 1983 we acquired a company called Quadram, which made memory cards for the first IBM PC. In 1985 I resigned as an officer of the company to take on a different challenge.
  • 1985-1991 Title Chairman President and CEO of Colorocs Corp., Naples, FL.
      In 1982, I had started a company called Colorocs Corp. with some engineers from Texas to develop a full color plain paper copier. After they had spent three years in product development with my seed money, they needed a full time President and CEO to raise money in order to bring the product into production. That is when I became the President. I was able to take Colorocs public nine months later with a prototype of the final product. After becoming a public company, I constantly met with investors and held investment seminars raising more than $ 50 million for Colorocs during the next 4 years. I also negotiated with Sharp and Mitsubishi many times in Japan and was able to get Sharp to take our design, which was covered with more than 40 patents, and manufacture the product for us. This technology is now used by all color laser printers today and by most color copiers including the new Xerox color copier. In 1988 under my plan, Colorocs accrued substantial control of Savin Corp., in order to have a marketing channel to sell the Colorocs color copier in. In 1989 I was appointed as Chairman of Savin Corp. in addition to my duties at Colorocs Corp. We took delivery of our first product in August of 1989 and shipped over 1000 units the latter part of that year. When I left in January 1991 over 10,000 Full Color Copiers had been manufactured and shipped by Sharp to customers around the world. Under my leadership Colorocs had wholly owned subsidiaries in Canada and Australia and about 30 direct sales offices through out the US.
  • 1991-1996 Title Consultant to Color Office Systems, Naples, FL.
      Color Office Systems sold the Colorocs color copier as well as color copies in its stores in southern Florida. I installed a networked PC computer system for them to do the billing of their customers as well as an automatic FAX system to get readings from their customer across the state. I also did some consulting at Intecolor Corp. in Duluth, GA. developing an Industrial Computer System that would operate in a high temperature environment (up to 60 C) using thermal electric cells to keep it cool.
  • 1996-2002 Title Retired - Traveler, Las Vegas, NV.
      In the past 6 years my wife and I have visited more than 30 countries around the world. We spent 5 weeks taking the Trans-Siberian train across Russia in 1998. In 2001 we went on a Safari to Kuger National park in South Africa and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. We spent six weeks during the summer of 2002 in Ecuador and Peru learning Spanish. We moved from Georgia to Las Vegas in 1999 and lived in Sun City Anthem.
  • 2002-2007 Title Instuctor at Community College of Southern Nevada
      I have become proficient at HTML code and various HTML Editors as well as PageMaker 7.0, PhotoShop, and Flash. I have taught courses in XHTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, JavaScript and Advance Web Database programming. In 2001-2002 I designed and laid out a 208-page Hard Cover Russian Poetry book for my wife using PageMaker 7.0, which included 40 full color photographs, and had it published. I also took two graduate level courses at University of Nevada Las Vegas in Advance web programming in 2006. We sold our house in Sun City Anthem in April 2007, in preparation for our move to Punta del Este, Uruguay. We are currently living in Parnu, Estonia for the Summer of 2007.